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About Me

My name is Marcus Hampton. I was born and raised in Buffalo, N.Y., and I have always had a passion for dogs. I started Schutzhund in the year 2000, when I met my mentor,
Owen Tober, at the Schutzhund Club of Buffalo. To date, I have been an active club member and official certified Club Helper. I have progressed to National Level Helper and
have worked several National events. I have worked many club trials doing SchH/IPO I, II and III dogs as well as a police DPO trial. I also worked the 2009 Mideastern Regionals
as the helper for SchH II and back half SchH III dogs. I have attended many training seminars and helper seminars. Because of my passion for training, I have formed my own
group where all working breeds are welcome.

Please visit the NEWS page to view some of the events I have served as Helper!

When I am not busy doing helper and group work, I am training my own dogs.

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